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F*ck Sugary Mocktails. NonAlc Cocktails that give you a buzz.

The Future of Sipping in San Francisco is way beyond Mocktails.

The evolution of drinking culture involves "alternative buzz' from new products like Hemp Derived THC beverages and Kava infused RTD's. Adaptogenic and nootropic beverages are making a grand entrance, signaling a bold new direction for our taste buds and wellbeing.

A Sober Look at the Beverage Industry

I use the word "sober" sparingly, like I do the word "mocktail". We've witnessed a fascinating shift in the beverage world, with the pandemic playing a surprising role in nudging us towards exploring sober curiosity. This being a phrase I still like because it helps rebrand "sobriety". This isn't just about skipping alcohol; it's about redefining what a quality drink means. Premium mixer brands are teaming up with zero-proof spirits, offering sophisticated alternatives that don't compromise on taste or experience. And guess what? The non-alc beer market is thriving too, with global giants like Heineken 0.0 and Athletic Brewing Company making a splash, proving that you don't need alcohol to enjoy a good unfiltered, craft beer.

Adaptogens and Nootropics: The New Buzz

Forget the old-school mocktails; adaptogenic and nootropic beverages are where it's at. These aren't your average drinks; they're crafted to enhance your health and brain function, making every sip an investment in your wellbeing. It's not just about what you're not drinking (alcohol); it's about what you are drinking, and the benefits it brings. No one is leaving Ocean Beach Cafe saying "aww, I wish there was alcohol in there..." because we are absolutely blowing peoples minds at this bartender owned establishment.

From Global Trends to Local Favorites

The world is catching on, but we were here first as one of the first non alcohoilc bars in the world. Right here in our backyard, the wellness drink market is booming in the NorCal Market, thanks to a growing interest in CBD and Hemp Derived THC being accessible outside of a dispensary. This new market is championed by health-conscious consumers, especially Gen Z.

The Impact of Changing Preferences

Our drinking preferences are evolving, reshaping industries and cultural norms. The decline in alcohol interest is not just a trend but a movement, leading to significant changes like the closure of traditional nightclubs in the UK and US. Meanwhile, initiatives like Dry January are making noticeable dents in alcohol sales, while non-alc beverage sales soar. What do you think is the the way of Nightclubs and Dive Bars? Sticky alcohol centric establishments will continue to exisit, but society is changing preferences for this kind of vibe. I have a lot of insights on what this could look like in 5 years and look forward to writing that blog article.

Looking to the Future

The landscape of what we drink and why is changing. Premium, collectible cocktails are on the rise, fueled by desires for quality, exclusivity, and sustainability. And let's not overlook the role of technology and innovation in shaping our drinking experiences, making them more inclusive and diverse than ever The socials spaces of the future might not look like a traditional bar... look out for co-working spaces and curated subscription spaces and clubs getting people together...

In Conversation with Our Community

As we navigate this new era of beverages, it's about more than just staying sober; it's about embracing a lifestyle that prioritizes health, inclusivity, and quality. In fact, most people that buy products at Ocean Beach Cafe DO DRINK. This is the opposite of what most people think.

So, next time you're at Ocean Beach Cafe, let's start a conversation about what's in your glass and discover together the vast, exciting world of non-alcoholic beverages. It's not just about missing out on alcohol; it's about what you stand to gain. Here's to exploring new tastes, embracing healthful alternatives, and, most importantly, enjoying the company of friends and community in our beloved San Francisco. Cheers to the future of drinking!

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