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From Mocktails to NA Cocktail Mixology: Embark on a Non Alcoholic Class & Wine Tasting Adventure

"Discover the exhilarating world of non alcoholic mixology with our witty and honest reviews of non alcoholic wine, beer, cocktails, and functional elixirs. Expert insights and trends will guide you to become a mocktail expert, as we set sail towards the future of non alcoholic beverages. Join us to explore the best techniques, brands, and recipes in this booming industry." - Josh the Non Alcoholic

Mixology is so 2017, NonAlc Cocktails are the Future!

What are the best Non alcoholic Wines?!

Most non alcoholic wine isn't the most desireable. But there are some out there... Come on down to Ocean Beach Cafe to learn about and sample the best of the best that we've found. We only bring in the stuff that we believe will blow your mind and show you best of whats come out in 2023.

This blog is just getting started, if you're reading this please sign up for our newsletter on the home page and follow us on instagram and send me a note that you read this paragraph. I'll even get you a treat when you come into Ocean Beach Cafe at 734 La Playa St. San Francisco, CA 94121

Heading #2: To be continued...


Non Alcoholic Mixology Classes are owner Joshua James' favorite thing to do at his non alcoholic speakeasy at Ocean Beach Cafe in San Francisoc

90 minutes, $75 per person, 3 world class cocktails; Made by YOU.

Temperance Tastings: Non alcoholic wine, non alcoholic beer, non alcoholic spirits, non alcoholic functional elixirs, mini mixology class, all included in this extensive 1 hour tasting.



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